Fulfillment Services for Health & Beauty Brands: Important Considerations

fulfillment services for health and beauty

The beauty industry is a $532 billion sector of the economy that is experiencing rapid growth.  This growth is largely due in part to the rise of e-commerce and omni-channel sales with projections to reach $863 billion by 2024.  Such growth of B2C and B2B sales makes manufacturing supply chain management and order fulfillment more important than ever before.  A qualified third-party logistics company can utilize its warehouse network, technology and transactional cost models to provide effective fulfillment solutions to health and beauty brands.

Experience and Compliance for the Health & Beauty Industry

The potential explosive growth of cosmetics brands, consumer demand through social media and compliance requirements for the health and beauty industry cannot be understated.  Understanding what is required in each phase of the fulfillment cycle, as well as your precise brand needs should be a top priority.  Also, due to the purpose and composition of these products, your logistics partner must have the appropriate local, state and federal licenses, permits, certifications, training and facility infrastructure to properly store, handle and ship health and beauty items. 

Efficient, accurate, and reliable fulfillment and delivery is essential in maintaining the integrity of your brand in this fast-growing industry.  The experts at Barrett Distribution Centers are experienced in the health and beauty sector and have created customized fulfillment solutions for global health and beauty brands.