Strategies to Overcome Home Electronics Fulfillment Challenges

home electronics fulfillment

Home electronics manufacturers are making strides in technology, affordability, and accessibility, reaching record revenue levels.  In 2018, sales were up 3.9% from 2017, exceeding $318 billion.  However, this uptick in sales has not come along without its challenges.  In addition to increased competition, consumer demands are also on the rise.  Creating a supply chain that keeps costs low, products moving and customers happy has become more difficult.  Here are a couple of ways to increase the efficiency of your home electronics supply chain.

Increase Consumer Electronic Fulfillment Visibility

End-to-end data integrity is vital to creating an optimized supply chain.  Most processes have a handle on track and trace as well as inventory management.  Putting technology and procedures in place that extend beyond the four walls of the distribution center is essential to gathering the accurate and timely data needed for decision making.

Fulfillment Technology Collaboration

Most problems stem from having platforms that either don’t communicate with one another or don’t share the appropriate data.  Systems integration and data exchange are imperative as the product is moving through a variety of channels and circumstances can change at any moment.  Cloud-based TMS and WMS platforms along with partner collaboration and full data integration are essential for a  strong supply chain technology framework.

Many issues facing supply chain management involve visibility and technology.  Making advancements in technology can provide a better view of real-time data, allowing for more accurate decision-making.  With the ability to foresee problems, mitigate risk and leverage a proactive response, a streamlined and cost-effective supply chain can be attained.  Barrett Distribution Centers provides a focus on visibility and technology to design and implement customized logistics solutions for the consumer electronics industry. 

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