Technology Trends and Predictions for Transportation and Fulfillment

Could you imagine shopping for clothes without going to the store and seeing, feeling and trying them on?  15 years ago, the answer was probably, “No”.  Today many people probably could not imagine wandering around the mall when you could shop online from home.  The same is true for buying a car.  It used to be that the salesman at the dealership was the expert and held the answers to all of your questions.  Today you can read reviews, industry articles, even build your own and compare against similar models online.  When you step on the showroom floor, you may very well even know more than the salesman.  This is just a small example about how technology has revolutionized how we shop and live as consumers today.  These same technological revolutions are taking place on the supply chain side, and they are changing how we live and work to get goods transported

A recent article from Logistics Viewpoints outlines some predictions about how technology will change based on technology moving forward.  Click here to read about transportation trends and technology.