Holiday Fulfillment Preparation: 3 Tips for a Successful Supply Chain

Holiday Fulfillment Preparation: 3 Tips for a Successful Supply Chain

Forrester Research forecasts that over $355 billion will be spent online this year, with significant upticks during the holiday season.  With such an increase in spending and a change in how consumers search and shop, optimizing your online fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation for the holiday season is essential.  It is these steps that cannot only make or break the busiest time of the year, but also go a long way in filling stockings, making parties merry, and helping Santa look like a genius. 

So how do you provide your customers with the content, prices, and shipping options they demand?  The answers to these questions aren’t easy, but they will help you convert your visitors and streamline your supply chain.  Here are three tips to prepare your online presence and your fulfillment operations.

1.) Prepare for spikes in traffic and orders: Omni-channel fulfillment equates to a two (or more) way street.  Last Thanksgiving weekend over 100 million people shopped online, this means your e-commerce site needs to be prepared for the rush, while simultaneously your fulfillment center needs to be ready to pick, pack, and ship.

2.) Keep your site clean and warehouse inventory organized:  WMS and TMS systems significantly help keep inventory and orders accurate and transparent.  Having offers, prices, and products available for customers to see, but not buy can lead to a poor experience.  It is vital that your warehouse is speaking to your website, and that your platforms reflect accurately what they have to say.

3.) Multiple e-commerce platforms require multiple fulfillment channels:  By design, multichannel fulfillment is meant to organize and negotiate a number of variables from a number of sources.  As e-commerce retailers become more sophisticated and leverage a variety of different avenues to promote and sell their products, these different platforms need to tie back into the central fulfillment point.  With all pieces, internal and external working together, this holiday season will be an efficient and effective one.

While the holiday season is a busy and important one for many businesses, online and off, it is how your supply chain responds that can make the biggest difference.  For over 75 year, Barrett Distribution Centers has helped businesses design customized supply solutions to meet the demands of traditional and online retailers.