Third Party Warehousing: Best Practices for E-Commerce Distribution

Third Party Warehousing: Best Practices for E-Commerce Distribution

According to a recent Econsultancy survey, businesses have more tools, resources, and access than ever before to engage with their consumers to improve and track the customer experience.  At the same time, consumers have more power and choices to leverage prices, services, options, and communicate with and about your brand.  Both sides of these tangible technologies are creating specific new challenges in terms of order fulfillment and inventory management; placing a greater importance on the organization and structure of e-commerce distribution center operations.

New practices and ideas are making order fulfillment and distribution more efficient and effective.  While the e-commerce sector poses some unique challenges, implementing new strategies can enhance the overall customer experience while improving speed and accuracy.  Here are three best practice options for an e-commerce distribution center.

E-Commerce Warehouse Mobile Technology

Untethering key personnel from desks, printers, and work stations is key to keeping pace in the high velocity world of e-commerce fulfillment.  Mobile solutions like tablets allow for employees and managers to be where they’re needed while maintaining real-time visibility.

On-line Retail Inventory Visibility

The magic balance for any transactional business is keeping supply and demand aligned.  This is where order management systems (OMS) come in.  This software integrates with a number of other vital systems like: online storefronts, ERP, accounting and inventory control applications and warehouse management systems (WMS).   

Enhanced Picking Strategies

As the way consumer shopping and online purchasing behaviors have changed; the direct-to- consumer supply chain must also evolve to meet shorter order cycle times.  Optimizing order processing tasks within a warehouse management system can improve pick density and reduce travel time leading to faster, more efficient, less labor intensive, and more accurate order fulfillment.

While these are only a handful of ways an e-commerce distribution center can streamline its fulfillment operations, they are very important.  Barrett Distribution Centers is a third party logistics company that works with e-commerce companies to create customized supply chain solutions.