Lowering Auto Part Fulfillment Costs with Cloud Based Systems

Lowering Auto Part Fulfillment Costs with Cloud Based Systems

You can watch your new favorite TV show on your phone, laptop, or TV.  You can listen to music in your car and let the best part of the song transition to your home stereo.  You can even take a picture let someone across the globe see it instantly.  Cloud technology has given us the ability to share and be mobile like never before.  It also has capabilities that go far beyond entertainment and convenience.  Cloud based systems also provide a great business value, especially when it comes to your auto part supply chain

IBM, one of the industry’s leading cloud technology developers, reports that businesses that incorporate cloud based platforms show twice as much revenue growth and over two and half times the profit growth versus those companies that don’t.  When it comes to the auto parts sector and the massive amount SKUs and daily shipments to multiple locations, leveraging cloud-based shipment executions systems provides the visibility that can create cost-savings. 

Providing visibility into the high velocity world of auto part fulfillment opens a tremendous opportunity for communication, cost savings, and efficiency.  From predetermined alerts, to notifications, to milestones, everyone from the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the end user will be aware of any delays or other pertinent changes.  Mitigating these circumstances alone can prevent losses as well as streamline operations.  Cloud-based platforms offer:

  • Tracking and tracing packages are available for all parties.

  • Shipment processing is available for advanced shipping notices

  • Label and packaging automation is also available within the distribution centers.

According to a Computer Sciences Corp. report, 82% of companies that moved their digital operations to the cloud experienced lower costs.  The sheer mass and variety of orders that move through the automotive supply chain on a daily basis means that saving even pennies on each shipment can provide a significant return on investment, in a short amount of time. 

Just as we embrace technology in our personal lives, it creates even more value on the business side, specifically within your supply chain.  With a focus on technology and visibility, Barrett Distribution Centers creates customized supply chain solutions for automotive part distributors and manufacturers. 

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