Food Supply Chain Technology: Increasing Warehouse IT

Food Supply Chain Technology: Increasing Warehouse IT

In an industry where time is of the essence, implementing measures that increase speed and efficiency are taking a much higher priority.  The main way companies are achieving a more streamlined supply chain is through technology.  A recent survey performed by Zebra Technologies Corporation showed that over 40% of IT and warehouse operations professionals cite shorter delivery times as a key motivator for technology investment.

One of the main elements of the supply chain where technology is having a major impact is in the warehouse.  Over 75% of the surveyed IT and operations decision makers are planning a transition to modernized, full featured warehouse management systems by 2020.  The main contributor for these moves is a response to companies adding warehouse locations and increasing the volume and velocity of the items they ship. 

While speed and efficiency are being prioritized and the warehouse is a key component to meeting those goals, technology will continue to increase throughout the supply chain.  Here are 4 supporting statistics that show how these decision makers are planning to implement new tech into their fulfillment and transportation efforts.

  • 67% are planning to introduce or expand barcode scanning.

  • 56% are focused on warehouse/truck loading automation.

  • 76% plan to equip staff with technology in terms of tablets, wearables, etc.

  • 62% intend to leverage analytics for strategy and decision making.

As every other aspect in business is being shaped by new technology, your supply chain, specifically your warehouse, is no different.  These new implementations are being introduced with the goal of streamlining operations that will touch each element of the supply chain.  For over 75 years Barrett Distribution Centers has been on the forefront of supply chain technology.  With experience and expertise in food fulfillment and transportation, Barrett uses a visibility and technology driven approach to create customized supply chain solutions.